Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wall Galleries

As a full-service custom photographer, one of the services I offer is creating wall galleries for display in your home. These galleries are a collection of images from one or more sessions, and can be done in prints or canvas, framed or unframed, hung on the wall, or sitting on ledges. I wanted to share, so that you can all see how easy it is to create an eye-catching gallery in your own home. These photos were all taken at my mother's 70th birthday party earlier this year. By placing them on ledges, it's easy to re-arrange and update without filling your wall full of holes. It also makes it very easy to use a variety of sizes and framing options. Notice that some of these have mats, and some don't. This particular collection uses prints in sizes 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14. Some of the frames are 16x20.

As you can see, galleries can work even in small spaces! This gallery only encompasses a section of wall 4 and a half feet wide.

During your ordering session, or even before, I can help you choose a layout and design that works in your space. I can even frame your portraits for you. Don't forget to ask about wall galleries when you book your next session!


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ChAsMeBadDoOr said...

off late i was thinking of various idea to frame my family pics on my wall.. so i was going through and came across ur blog.. loved 2 see this wall.. thank you 4 sharing ideas.. if u can pls help me out it framing it in otehr ways too..[:)] i m in blogspot too.. u can leave a comment for me there..
would love to see u there.. tc[:)]