Sunday, October 16, 2005


OK. You know what really offends me? People that are 'offended' by darn near everything! I posted on a message board when someone from another country was inquiring about our schools here in the United States. My opinion is that public education in this country is an abysmal failure. I stated this, and told this person that if she moved here, she should strongly consider putting her child in a good private school. Some one else, later down the thread, said they were 'offended' by my remark. GIVE ME A FREAKIN' BREAK! Did I say this person was an idiot because they had been educated in a public school? No. Did I say that this person's children were idiots because they were being educated in a public school? No. But this person was 'offended'. Why? I have no idea.

Offend: To cause anger, resentment, or wounded feelings in.
To transgress; violate: offend all laws of humanity.
To cause to sin. To violate a moral or divine law; sin.
To violate a rule or law: offended against the curfew.

Now, tell me why my opinion that public education is an abysmal failure would cause this person to be angry, resentful, or wounded? Is she the one responsible for the state of education? I would guess no. Did I say or imply that she was responsible? Of course not. So tell me, why is she offended?

Frankly, I think that word should be stricken from our vocabulary right now. It is used with alarming frequency, and in situations that it shouldn't apply.

When teachers that work in the public schools won't let their children go there, and pay tuition for private schools, what does that imply to you? When scores of children are graduating from high school and cannot tell you where our nation's capitol is on a map, what does that tell you? When our children are beaten out of technology and medical jobs by people educated in other countries, what does that tell you? When children no longer read books in school, but listen to them on audio tape, is that a good thing? When children in the 7th grade cannot look up words in the dictionary, because they can't figure out the first three letters, is that a success? When children swear at and threaten teachers without repercussion, but are put in detention for a dress code violation, does this make sense? When our teachers pass and graduate students to the next grade, even though they are years behind, just to get rid of them constitute a success? When an alarming number of young students are drugged with Ritalin and other psychotropic drugs, so that the teachers don't have to actually deal with them what we really want? So please, tell me what in this whole litany indicates that our public education is not an abysmal failure? So was she offended because I spoke the truth she didn't want to acknowledge?

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