Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Gosh, it's been a while!

Mostly because I completely forgot my log-in information, if you can believe that! Our lives today are so cluttered with Personal Identification Numbers, log-in ID's, and passwords, it's truly amazing that any of us can remember half of them. And what really messes you up is when you have a password that has to be changed every three months, and you can't use a password that you have used before...just how many letter and number combinations do the powers that be think we can keep track of in our heads? OK--off that soapbox for now.

Would you believe that I have actually been creating some scrapbook pages again lately? After over a year of not doing any layouts, I have done a dozen or so in the past few weeks. Thanks in part to some Circle Journal Swaps, Not Your Ordinary Book Club projects, and classes at Paper Moon with Renee Camacho. It sure feels good to be creative again!

Mom and Dad were here for a couple days, up from Alabama. They had never seen Parrish perform for Winter Guard, so they came to see her competition at Independence High School. Her team placed first in both competitions. Yeah, girls! After the competition, we all went to Maccaroni Grill for an early dinner. The Penne Rustica there is just so good, I could eat it almost every day!

Parrish is on Spring Break this week, and she spent the day with Ryan, her new boyfriend. They have been together for about three weeks now. He seems like a very nice boy. And he seems to adore Parrish.

It's getting a little chilly here tonight, and our heat went out. Anyone else think there is something wrong with the fact that a heating/cooling unit lasts less than five years? And isn't under warranty? Looks like it will cost a pretty penny to replace, too. We are in the process of getting bids on the job now. Good thing we have the kerosene heater!

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Cynthia said...

Gorgeous pages!